Project Grateful 365: Day 27

Today I am grateful for Skype!

I think its one of the best inventions of the internet, so far the charges (from skype to landlines/cell phones) have been reasonable and its free to call Skype to Skype.

So yesterday I got to talk to this little cupcake! Thanks to Grandma and Wati who held up this little chunk of a man for 20 whole minutes!

PureĀ unadulterated loving smile from the little precious one.

I cannot wait to see and cuddle my little snuggle buns in January! I have grand plans to bring him to the zoo, marina bay sands, bird park, library, brunch places etc etc. I heard from his mummy that when he goes out, he’s always so cute and curious; always looking around with his huge eyes. He usually has this cute little innocent stare that transfixes itself on anything new, super cute!

I absolutely CANNOT WAIT!!!!!!!!!!!

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