Project Grateful 365: Day 26

Grateful for a wonderful person I’ve met – Sharon

I was just about to leave the house today when I received a blocked call from my cell, I contemplated not answering because it might be some annoying telemarketers. I’m so glad I did tho, I answered the phone and it was Sharon.

I met S in Singapore and after a while she moved to Canada. I have been maintaining contact with her via email but have not seen her since 2008.  I remember back in the days,  I will often hang out with her and her wonderful children and we would have so much fun, playing around the pool and playing board games. She and her husband were kind and generous to me and welcomed me into their home almost every weekend. I know right, I was very unabashed :P. They shared with me their most precious asset – a loving family, full of laughter joy and warmth. It was awesome and I loved hanging around with them.

I remember I was sick one weekend and she gave me a cold towel and made chicken soup for me. Which to this day is a very precious memory.  It’s not often that you met someone as kind and lovingly as her. I miss them all very much and hopefully one day in the distant future, our paths might cross again.


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