Day 23: Nov 30

Today I am grateful for the 1 dollar bolt bus I managed to get to Washington DC! Budget Travel ROCKS my socks.

Day 24: Dec 1

Today I feel grateful for being upgraded to a suite in the Morrison Clarke Inn hotel in DC. We paid like 89bucks before taxes only! To put things in perspective the hostel ensuite down the road from us costs around 67bucks for an ensuite room! Mega SCORE!

My boss at the living room

Large wooden chest. Sadly no treasure. 😛 It did have a TV and 2 extra pillows tho!

The stately looking bedroom! Super comfy bed  🙂


Day 25: Dec 2

Today I am grateful that I got a chance to get into the National Archives of the United State of America!

I got to see the ORIGINAL Constitution, Bill of rights, Magna Cartar and the Declaration of Independence Documents. Its like every historian’s wet dream come true!

There was a exhibit on the Cuban Missile Crisis and it was very interesting to note the different perspectives of history as narrated by the American people. I thought back to my American history days and realized OMG how biased was my SingaporeAN history lecturer that taught American history was! (I did have a lot of international lecturers who were much better tho, less biased and more open minded) I never really liked her anyways (host of reasons), but I didn’t realize how skewed her version of American history actually was. Nonetheless,  it was interesting to to think about what she said and what the American curators chose to protray in the Cuban Missile Crisis. I love seeing old documents and hand written notes of JFK and all the official letters to his Secretary of State/Army etc etc!!!!!!!

Walking around all these historical institutions in DC for the pass 3 days made me miss college. Honestly, I feel that in NUS I wasn’t able to truly enjoy my experience as a student, partly because of the jobs I took, partly because of the stress I placed upon myself to do well (Which backfired in some days, massively I might add). Nonetheless, university taught me a lot of things, gave me exposure to the world and more importantly gave me an insight to how little I know of the world. It helped me to be more open minded and accepting of differences globally and remember inherently that we are all human beings from the start, regardless of ethnicity, ‘artificial’ geopolitical boundaries and wealth . I think history taught me to not be racist, vehemently opposed to wars/violence as well as to be more critical of things that I see/read/hear. I don’t believe in absolute truths anymore and also strongly believe that evidence can be skewed and mis/represented to construct different and sometimes opposing narratives. I guess I was always a post-modernist historian.  I feel that the study of history has made me a more critical thinker, but also more cynical and has contributed greatly to my disbelief in God. Someday, I will find time to pen down my thoughts about religion and God.

For now, I shall sit back relax and think about the laundry, cleaning and grocery shopping that I need to do today. Maybe just another 5 minutes on the couch, maybe 10, maybe 15…… 😛



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