Project Grateful 365 (Day 20 + Day 21)

Day 20: Today I am grateful for Kris’s parents

There’s always this worry about DILs not getting along with MIL’s and I’m grateful that Kris’s mum is so sweet and wonderful that we get along super well! We had so much fun building snowforts and snowmen together! She’s very mummy like and will go all out to make my stay as comfortable as possible. Like giving me 6 blankets because I’m horribly afraid of the cold! It was a very great 1st thanksgiving!

Kris’s dad is also very cute, he always acts like a grumpy man, but he’s actually very sweet! He likes to print articles that are related to topics that we’re interested in and while I was there, I received an newspaper article about graduate education school and NY state teachers grading system on my breakfast table.

Day 21: Today I am grateful for my sister Iris

No matter how busy she is or sick she is, she always finds a way to pull through little errands for me. Like going to standard chartered twice to pay a silly visa bill, without a single word of complain even though we sent her off there without proper documentation the first time. She just does sweet things like this for me all the time! She’s extremely loving and generous and will always go that extra mile for me! So I’m very grateful for such a wonderful sister! I am indeed very lucky!

My pretty sister and her adorable son!


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