Project Grateful 365: Day 12

Honestly, its quite hard to be upbeat today, I’m annoyed at all the visa paperwork, the amount of money we spent and how incompetent the agencies are! (Just received more paperwork to be done today) 1.5 years, mountains of paperwork and thousands of dollars just to get a 2 years conditional green card is just unacceptable!

BUT I chose to be grateful! I’m grateful that the longest wait is over and it WILL ALL BE OVER SOON!

Anyways, the most important thing I’ve chosen to be grateful for today is a friend called J that I’ve found in an online immigration forum. (Which mostly consists of people going through the same hell: giving advice and asking for advice about what to do next 😛 )

Nobody really understands what I’m going through, because they just don’t get the sheer complexity of all the paperwork. (Heck even I don’t understand what I’m supposed to do most of the time because they are so vague, rude and just condescending when you call up to clarify)  Most people don’t understand how hard it is to be apart from your fiancee, how financially burdensome it is to have to shell out thousands of dollars to fly back and forth. How emotionally tiring everything is, unless you’re the one involved.


About a few months ago, I met someone from the forum: a fellow Singaporean who knows exactly how I feel because she’s going through the same thing, and its so awesomely comforting to have a person who gets you.

So today, I’m grateful that I’ve found this new friend, grateful to have somebody talk to and ‘strategize’ what to do next, every painful step of this immigration journey.

So thank you J, for always providing a comforting listening ear, giving advice, encouragement, hope and empathy!

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