Project Grateful Day 9

Today I’m grateful that I’ve cooked a big meal without glitches! We invited the Tobbacks’ over for dinner to thank them for letting us crash on their living room during Sandy when we were homeless and all. *hee hee*

Menu for today

1) Spinach Salad with avocados, tomatoes and mushrooms

2) Baked BBQ chicken + Baked potatoes

3) Beef Shepard’s Pie

4) Red Velvet Cake

*Photos to come*

**** Edit 17th Nov 2012

2 pictures only coz I was too enamored by the Tobback’s little toddler (Roan). He was so super cute!

Shepard’s Pie (Up) and Happy Red Velvet Cake (Down)

This is what his mum sent me after they left!

Oh man! That little heart breaker! Can’t wait to see him again! And his parents too of course! *heh heh*

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