Project Grateful 365: Day 8

15th Nov 2012

Today I am grateful that we 1) Managed to sell OIA without much problems 2) Had happy eggs for breakfast.


1. Well we did make a 20k lost on the boat. The positive side is that it got sold really quickly, as compared to before when we first bought it and it was on the market for like 2 years. I guess my awesome botman did a great job with his little DIY project. It’s really his HARD earned money and he seems to be A-OKAY with the lost and justifies it with learning a lot from it and ‘You cannot put value on knowledge blah blah, all the things I’ve learnt totally justifies the cost, blah blah’. *insert rolly eyes* Nonetheless, if he’s happy, I’m happy for him. More importantly, I’m extremely happy that I am sitting in a nice apartment typing this entry and not sailing across the South China Sea or Atlantic ocean puking my guts out! So DEAR LORD JESUS CHRIST, thank you for making Kris see the light of not sailing and giving him a wonderful job opportunity! 😛

By now you would have realized that I am not the sailing type, but when the love of your life tells you its his childhood dream to sail across the world, you can’t really say, ‘NO, DONT DO THAT, that’s my worse nightmare!!!!!’. I had to at least say, ‘I’ll try till Japan.’ The truth is, I’ll probably have ditched him in Phuket and said, ‘See you in Vancouver’, which is our intended destination. Hee Hee. Or maybe, I would have loved it and decided that I love sailing and want to circumnavigate the globe. Now I will never know, but I can’t say that I mind not having that option! :PPPPPP

(Now that took a while!)

2. I am also grateful for having a nice kitchen to make yummy breakfasts like this.

Behold Mr and Mrs Happy Eggs

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