Project Grateful 365: Day 5

Nov 12, 2012

Today I am grateful for glorious sunsets at 20 exchange!

One of the many reasons we chose this apartment was because of the amount of sunlight that streams into our windows. This seems almost entirely against the grain to me because in Singapore it is sunny 365 and the most desirable apartments there, are those in which we get the morning sun. In fact, in Singapore it is considered undesirable if the apartment gets too much sunlight because Singapore is HOT & Humid all year round. I have found that humidity has its avantages too, my skin never gets too dry. I came here to fall/winter and my skin has been peeling ever since. My wound has healed amazingly well tho, but it itches a whole damn lot because its so dry! My lips are chapping too, all I really need to do is to bring a chapstick everywhere and reapply every 2 hours.

I digress! Back to sunsets! So this apartment that we chose, we love because of the glorious sunsets. Here are some pictures to prove it!

Sunset in Early Nov 2012

Same picture as above but ‘instagram-ed’

Sunset July 2012

Purple sunset June 2012

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