Project Grateful 365: Day 4

11th Nov 2013

Today I am grateful for our trusty coffee maker!

Ever since moving to New York, I can no longer find my ‘Kopi C Gao’ for ~ 1USD and have to settle for Starbucks 4USD cuppa coffee. Being the thrifty housewife that I am! We decided to get a coffee machine! OH BOY! That has been our best purchase in this house thus far!

Every morning we enjoy an aromatic brew of the best (to me) beverage in the world. Currently we are enjoying

1) Paramount coffee – Xmas Blend (My first time buying this, and have not opened the package yet but I love all the other paramount coffee beans that I’ve tried so far! So I’m eggcited!)

2) Trader Joe’s Expresso beans (One of my faves too)

3 & 4) are beans that Kris’s sister brought from Uganda when she visited us. We have almost finished the yellow packet and its very full bodied and delicious smelling.

So today I’m thankful for dark roast coffee (Medium blends are for whimps IMHO!)

Happy Sunday everyone! In the afternoon, we got an invitation to Kris’s friend’s place. They have two kids under 3, so I’m eggcited! Ang Moh babies always seem extra cute to me. These set kids are mixed so I bet they are going to ultra cute! I like babies! All race and ethnicity included! Its just that I seldom interact with Ang-Moh babies in Singapore, so they are pretty exotic to me. Parenting styles differ from parent to parent and culture to culture, so kids can be so different when they are brought up differently!


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