Project Grateful 365: Day 1

DAY 1: Today I am grateful for ‘Act of Love’ showered upon me by Robot!

Last night I woke up coughing because the air is so dry compared to what I am used to in Singapore. I was coughing for a good couple of minutes!

My sweetie pie Kris woke up from his slumber and went to switch on the humidifier and microwaved a warm a cup of water for me.

He made me feel very very very loved!

And this is the real reason why I moved to New York! (not because of the online shopping that I said in the previous post! 😛 )

Today I shall be grateful for that!

I have decided to start something called Project Grateful 365! Everyday I shall blog about something I am grateful for in my life! And today I’m grateful for the act of love by Kris.

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