Hello, Do I really know you?

Today I heard something about a friend that left me completely shocked.

I knew this person X for the last 11+ years. I don’t claim to know this person very well, we don’t have intimate one on one chats, but mostly meet up in a group basis although the times we’ve met up have significantly decreased over the years due to the demands of university, then work, then marriage and for some of us kids. Nonetheless, I thought I knew him well enough to consider him a friend. I thought I knew him well enough to invite him to my Singapore wedding/goodbye party in March 2012.

Today someone told me something about him, that made me wonder, do I really know him? Granted I’ve only heard one side of the story, but I’m never been so disappointed in a friend. Granted also its probably not my place to judge/comment, but I’m feel so sorry for the person/persons involved. I just didn’t expect him to treat another human being so callously. Its one thing to stop loving someone, but to treat someone you once loved with such lack of respect …. its impossible for me to grasp how anybody can be so selfish.

I pray for the party involved with all my heart; that time will heal all wounds. I also truly believe that she deserves so much more. I also wonder, how he can sleep at night?


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