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Project Grateful 365: Day 22

Today I am grateful for the opportunity to live in the Big Apple

Nov 29th, 2012

Honestly when I first visited in 2006, I wasn’t impressed at all. The city seemed really dirty and it was scorching hot in summer.

After a few months here tho, I really like it. The city is extremely vibrant and there is no short of activities to do, places to explore, adventures to be had and lots of streets to walk hand in hand along with my bot! Time and money are limiting factors as aways, but still I’m covering the city – pretty darn well I must say.

Sure the traffic is maddness, the people are loud and sometimes rude, but the city has a certain inexplicable charm to it. I also love our apartment, which is now all snuggle-bunny-cosy-ready and waiting for the madame of the house to live in!

So hurry up now USCIS, one final trip back to Singapore for my visa interview in Jan/Feb 2013 and then I’m all ready to sign on the dotted line. I’m so excited! Wheeeeeeeeee.

Project Grateful 365 (Day 20 + Day 21)

Day 20: Today I am grateful for Kris’s parents

There’s always this worry about DILs not getting along with MIL’s and I’m grateful that Kris’s mum is so sweet and wonderful that we get along super well! We had so much fun building snowforts and snowmen together! She’s very mummy like and will go all out to make my stay as comfortable as possible. Like giving me 6 blankets because I’m horribly afraid of the cold! It was a very great 1st thanksgiving!

Kris’s dad is also very cute, he always acts like a grumpy man, but he’s actually very sweet! He likes to print articles that are related to topics that we’re interested in and while I was there, I received an newspaper article about graduate education school and NY state teachers grading system on my breakfast table.

Day 21: Today I am grateful for my sister Iris

No matter how busy she is or sick she is, she always finds a way to pull through little errands for me. Like going to standard chartered twice to pay a silly visa bill, without a single word of complain even though we sent her off there without proper documentation the first time. She just does sweet things like this for me all the time! She’s extremely loving and generous and will always go that extra mile for me! So I’m very grateful for such a wonderful sister! I am indeed very lucky!

My pretty sister and her adorable son!


Project Grateful 365: Day 19

Today I’m grateful for having the opportunity to make a snowman and a snow angel!


Kris went to work today, so Anne (Kris’s mom) and myself went outside to make a snowman! It had just snowed heavily the night before and I was so super excited!!!!! Reminds me of the days I spent in Vancouver in 2005. How I miss that so! Nonetheless, its so nice to be able to play out in the snow!

I feel very lucky and blessed to be able to make a snow angel too!

On the left is char’s snow angel and on the right is Anne’s snow angel

Project Grateful 365: Day 18

Today I am grateful for nature, food and family!

It was -1 deg celsius and we went for a walk along Lake Ontario. It was really nice, the fresh but very cold air. We all decked out from head to toe in winter stuff and it was very FUN! The flapping of the waves, cool breeze, adorable snowflakes and cold crisp fresh air!

Here’s some photos of happy looking us!

To top the cherry off the cake, Mr Beevers Bot even made hot chocolate for me after our nice long walk. WAHHHHHHHHH happy is me!

Since we’re on the topic of nom noms, here’s a picture of my breakfast today. Freshly baked pumpkin muffin, omg so good! Copious amount of butter, but oh well, I’ll die happy ūüėõ

Project Grateful 365: The 3 Days COMBO!

The reason for the delay was that I was sick with this really powerful virus, both Kris and myself caught it. So I’m just going to call it the ‘Knock-you-out-cold-for-24hours-virus’. Which is really what it was really, for 24 hours you were literally out cold. I mean like literally I felt like I had zero energy couldn’t hold anything in and all I wanted to do was sleep. I puked a couple of times and it wasn’t very fun! On the way home from the train station to Kris’s parents place, I had to stop the car at the side of the road and do ‘the Merlion’ at someone’s yard, very classy I know! On the positive side, it lasted about 24 hours and slowly it feels like it never was there in the first place. Very Very strange!


Day 15th – 22nd Nov 2012 (Thurs)

Today I am thankful for the thanksgiving wonderful meal that Kris mother made for us. It was OMG so much work!

The meal that took 2 days to prepare with much love

The Naked Bird! Boobs exposed! *hee hee*

I didn’t manage to learn any thanksgiving meal coz I was sick and was just slumped in the couch!

Day 16th – 23rd Nov 2012 (Fri)

¬†Today I am thankful for falling sick in Kris’s mum’s place. I am thankful because she’s a nurse and she’s was fussing all over me like I was a sick puppy! Hee hee! Felt very loved!


Day 17th – 24th Nov 2012 (Sat)

Today I am thankful that Kris’s parents like me! (Or rather love me now! so thick skin, but its true! hee hee) Family is very important to the both of us, so I’m grateful that I get along with his family superbly and Kris gets along with mine wonderfully. Mother Teresa once said (in response to a question on how to promote world peace) : ‘Go home and love your family.’

These words have often struck a chord with me because in her infinite wisdom, I really believe that more love can be a solution to a lot of problems and conflict in the world. So remember! Go home and love your family!

**No point going to church and praying and preaching and praising God openly without showing it through actions! ( I’m going to get a lot of flake for this, but whatever, this is a free country, if you’re allowed to preach, I’m allowed my¬†opinions¬†too! And no, I’m not¬†specifically¬†referring¬†to anyone, if you chose to get sensitive, well nothing I can do i guess. )

Project Grateful 365: Day 14

Nov 21st, 2012

Today I am grateful for my new headphones!

I’m slightly¬†obsessive¬†compulsive¬†about organization. It irks me to no end when I cannot find things. It was just a really really really bad habit that I cannot kick. When I was younger, if I wanted to wear something and couldn’t find it for any reason, I would be really upset and would insist on finding the item before I could leave the house. At times, I would be so crazy that if I couldn’t find it, I refused to go out.

I’m glad to report I’m not longer that crazy. Still crazy in other ways, but no longer batshit crazy in that respect!

So anyhows, I couldn’t find my ear piece for my phone for ages and ages (must have gotten lost somehow in THE GREAT MIGRATION :P). I thought I found it, but I think it might belong to Iris/Martinus, because the one I have has volume control and the one I brought to USA has NO VOLUME CONTROL!!!!!


¬†So it must mean that I lost MY earpiece, I almost tore down my current apartment looking for it. Haha, it wasn’t that I couldn’t afford one, it was because I needed THAT ONE! My OLD ONE!





I looked and looked and looked

And whined and whined and whined

Because I wouldn’t admit I lost it!






Finally, Kris got sick of my whining and decided to get me a new one.

-The end-