Updates as of 5.21pm EST

I am now enjoying some ice cream while seeing the storm clouds approaching south east of NYC. You can see it here.

Here’s a picture taken from the same view at 5.11pm. (Its unclear because I have no desire to open my windows anymore. I can no longer see lady liberty, neither can I really see the Hudson river)

I had quite a scare just now when the building started to creak and kris informed me that its normal for buildings to wobble a lot. That certainty did not calm me down! In my schema of things, buildings are NOT SUPPOSED to shake. However, after a while you kind of get used to the creaks. That was around 2pm EST. An hour later we got an email from the building mgmt, assuring us that creaks were normal and that our building has withstood many hurricanes. That calmed me down a great deal.

ConEd (The PUB equivalent in Singapore) sent notice saying that power might be out in our building. We’re bracing ourselves for the ‘eye of the storm’ from 6pm to 8pm. I’m pretty confident now that things should be alright. Most to most, power and water goes out but we have lots of cell phones that are full charged and lots of food and water to last us the week.

Kris is of course, calm as a potato and has just been sitting down in the dining table working. All of Kris’s bosses! if you happen to see this post, I think he deserves a raise. :p

Again, everyone in the East Coast, please stay safe.

Here’s an amazing video of the coast guard rescuing some people in the middle of Hurricane Sandy. I salute these people!

God Speed.

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