Hurricane Preparations

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Both of us are currently holed up at home, reading up reports on hurricane Sandy. This is our coordinates, we are a block away from the evacuation zone, but according to the calculations, we are in Zone C, which is the third likely area in lower Manhattan to flood. As you can see from the map though, we’re just beside the mandatory evacuation zone, we have concluded that we might be on a slightly raised ground therefore our building is pretty safe. I’m honestly a little jittery, but Mr Calm and Cool beside me is not panicking, so I’m trying to follow suit. After all, if anything serious was to happen a calm disposition will mostly likely take us to safety.

As of 5pm today the parks in Manhattan were closed, as of  7pm today, the subways are closed. Schools are closed on Monday and generally people are advised to stay indoors on Monday.

We have prepared 10-15 litres of water, a go-bag, torches, radios, VHF radios, dry rations and wet rations. 3 bags almost ready to go. I think we’re pretty much set.

The hurricane is predicted to come Monday afternoon. Its now Sunday night, it’s probably prudent for us to get a good night’s rest and be alert tomorrow when things get exciting. Although, this weather radar is certainty not helping my nerves. However, having more information (no matter how unnerving  is essential in a big storm! At 11.48pm, we also received notice that electricity (central heating/AC/lights/water) will be cut off tomorrow morning at 8am or even sooner/later depending on ConEd. So family and friends, do not panic if you cannot get me. I got no cell signal on the 51st floor, wifi will be gone, so yup, will update FB as and when I can! If I don’t reply/update it might just mean I got no cell service or internet. We do have a VHF radio, so we’ll still be able to get access to weather and information in case we need to evacuate.

NYC/NY region will probably need some solid prayers. God Speed Everyone!

For all we know, the winds might die down or change direction! Or maybe it won’t be all that bad. Who knows I guess, Come What May. Humans always seem to find a way to thrive in difficult situations. Kris and his dad are laughing at my ‘over-preparedness , but my motto is always ‘Better be over prepared than under prepared!’

We also had an interview with Channel News Asia. I’m told we sound very calm. YAY! The build up towards the storm, is most probably worse than the storm itself. So don’t worry family and friends. We love you all!


Evidences of our preparedness.

Well stocked fridge

Ample water

Grab-bags (in case we need to evacuate, includes food, water, warm clothes in waterproof bags/zip locks)

**Updates for those who asked me about what happens if the power goes out and renders the food goes bad. In our grab bags we have biscuits and other dry items. We will eat the food in stages, starting with items that go bad first, then gradually progressing towards the non perishables like can items and boxed items. We have enough food for a week which should be fine. We’re always a block away from wall street, so I think power outages around our area should not last for more than a couple of days. If it does? Well we’ll find a way. We have all sorts of emergency contact numbers at hand. Don’t worry! We’re really prepared for Sandy!!

**more updates

Upon reflection, silly me realized that without power food went bad very quickly. The next time (I hope there is no next time), I will remember to get canned foods!

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