In a state of shock

I am currently displaying the systems of FS (FINANCIAL SHOCK)!!!!!!! Sweaty palms, intellectually and emotionally in denial and extremely dilated pupils.

We just did the sums for 2012. (Actually more like 12 hours ago, and I’m still displaying initial symptoms of shock)

How can rent, taxes and living expenses in Manhattan POSSIBLY BE THIS MUCH?

How does anyone in Manhattan survive?

Where do the people around me (well at least in my building) get so much money? What do these people do? I mean they look like regular people. Maybe they are all investment bankers, lawyers or doctors. Some totally look like college/graduate students though, maybe they have rich daddies. They might think the same of me, with my hoodie and backpack.

I think its time to research apartments without a doorman, no view, no gym and far away from civilisation (aka outside Manhattan). Maybe queens or Brooklyn 😛

Excuse me while I munch on the grass in battery park!

*Inserts melodramatic face*

– After 15minutes-

*raids the fridge for Ben and Jerry*

*glares* What! Its comfort food!




**Disclaimer: The author is only HALF kidding.

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