I flew back to NYC almost a week ago and was given a 90 day visa. HUZZAHHHHHHH!!!!!!

The first few days took a bit of adjusting to. After close to 3 months at my sister’s place, I felt a little displaced coming back to our apartment. The house smelt different and I missed Isaiah’s baby smell. Waking up to my jet lag was vastly different from waking up to a baby’s cries. I missed cuddling the baby and chatting with my sister non-stop! She however might be glad there is no more chatter-chatter.

I felt a little disoriented being home and started a packing and sorting rampage which inadvertently always makes me  feel more calm and in control. I have this thing: when I feel stressed and/or upset, packing my stuff and rearranging stuff always makes me more settled. Very strange habit.

The first 2 days are always extremely hard for me, missing Singapore and unable to immediately adjust to the new-old environment. On the bright side this will be the last back-forth I have to do between SIN-NYC for a while. A holiday of my choice is vastly different from shuffling from one city to the other due to visa requirements!

Trooping around town with the love of my life during the weekend helped tho. His hands clasped firmly with mine, trotting around the Manhattan streets, sitting on a rock in central park listening to a busker and basking in the warmth of his embrace (Kris not the basker! Doh!!!!)…. that without a doubt feels like home to me. Being in his big strong arms, makes all this waiting and temporary displacement all worth it in the end.

I guess this is what love feels like.

It is only 745am, I shall go back to the room and put my icy toes in on his warm tummy! *inserts very cheeky face*


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