I still have not received any update on my RFE. The mail takes quite some time to arrive and calling doesn’t get you anything. (As evidenced by the multiple times we called)

I’m incensed by this stupid request for evidence.

I am even MORE INCENSED that the stupid lawyer did not ask us for any photos whatsoever.

USCIS continues to just increase their processing times, it was 5 months when I started, then 5.5 months, then its currently 6 months today. I mean I am way pass the 6 months mark, but its just infuriating how they can get away with this crap.

I am starting to have serious serious doubts about wanting to move to the US. I still have another year’s worth of work (AT LEAST) from this step to the AOS, all to get a conditionally green card for 2 years. Which means to say, because I fell in love with an American, I am somehow being punished by having to wait 2 years for a visa, just for the opportunity to stay for 2 years in the US.

Every single time I talk to Kris, its always about the VISA and how we have to keep adjust our plans to according to how the VISA progresses or stagnates rather.

If this was Singapore, I could at least call the useless lawyer and YELL at her. But in the US (At least I am told by Kris) I have to just play nice. What sort of first world country allows its customers to get screwed over and still have to keep quiet about it all?

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