An exercise in Patience; Battered Knee Cap; Isaiah boy!

This visa process has really taught me in a very unequivocal way what it means to have no control over your life. It sounds a little melodramatic, to have no control, but essential that’s’ how I feel about it.

I mean think about it, your submit some legal documents and you literally sit and wait for more than 10 months for a bunch of government employees to scrutinize your papers and decide if you’re in a bona fide relationship. You essentially transfer all power to this authority and no matter how dismissive/cranky/rude and incompetent this agency is, you have to just eat humble pie and interact with them as professionally as possible.

Just like everybody else in love, I want to settle down with the man I love, set up nest and build a life together. Instead of that, I am faced with countless paperwork, an indeterminable waiting period and no clue about whether I can reside in a country together with him. Its a very frustrating feeling, having to be apart from each other, living separate lives when all you long to do is begin a life with your other half.

Anyhow that’s that. I’m just waiting, just a couple more months I tell myself and it will all be over soon! I read from visa forums that relationships fail because of the distance and I’m very glad that this whole process has instead strengthened our resolve to be together. More importantly, though our ups and downs. I have seen Kris to be extremely steadfast, emotionally mature and essentially a huge rock (literally and figuratively speaking :P) in helping us get through this tough time together. Through this experience, I realized how generous, giving and how much he loves me and for that I’m so so grateful. My wonderful sister also has been so sweet to me, she comforts me when I’m sad and gives me little treats to cheer me up. I am so blessed to have two people in this world who love me so much. I mean I cannot think of two people in this world who love me as much as the both of them. 😀 I’m a lucky girl!

On a separate note, I fell again and injured my right ankle and badly battered up my right ankle.  Really hurt in after a few days and I really could not stand up straight, so I had to call the ambulance to fetch me to the hospital for an x-ray. Thankfully I did not break any bones. However, my knee cap was so infected that it swelled like a balloon and hurt like crazy when I try to use it, didn’t help that the other sprained ankle was too painful to walk on too.

A very infected and pus filled knee cap

Good news is, despite the picture above my wound is looking better, it was a lot worse yesterday! So YAY!!!! Staying confined at home for a week was driving me nuts! Thank goodness Isaiah was at home with me cheering me up and hugging me! Okay okay, more like I was hugging me! He’s my newest snuggle bunny! Here’s his snuggle bunny face!!! I love him so so much! I mean I never thought I could love another human being so much, one look at him and instantly my day is brightened and more cheery. I find myself wanting to stay home lots to carry him and just gaze at him when he sleeps.

Mega snuggle bunny and micro snuggle bunny! Both super snuggable!

Little Isaiah is also very lucky to have a nanny with him for 2.5 months. Here she is.

She’s a very motherly lady. She takes really really really good care of Isaiah and you can really see her dedication to her job and her love for snuggle bunny. When I’m injured she even helps to clean my wound and remove the pus daily for me. Such a nice comforting presence to have! As you can see Isaiah looks very comfy in her arms.

Here’s the end of my happy post, I must remember to be patient with the whole visa process, look at the end goal (Being together forever! with my BIG snuggle bunny) and mean while enjoy the time with my family (esp micro snuggle bunny) and friends!

** For those of you in relationships where you can see your loved ones as and when you like, remember to be grateful for that! Stop picking on him/her for the little things and give them a kiss on the cheek NOW! It’s a great gift, to be able to find the love of your life and have them around you daily!



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