September 21st marks the dreaded 6 months into my application for the VISA.

I thought I wouldn’t make it past 5 months and 3 weeks, guess what 🙁

Anyhow I guess I have somewhat given up hope of going back to the USA in 2012.

I am almost resigned to reaching home in Feb 2013. Winter will be almost over, and I can go and bask in rainy spring and hot summer. Its annoying as hell, because I have never experience autumn anywhere and was so looking forward to Halloween and Kris’s birthday.

Cest Le Vie! I can’t complain either since Kris came to Singapore this month! It’s extra hard for him because he works in the day, comes home for dinner and then has to make calls late into the night to talk to his team. I must remember to be grateful for that sweet little gesture!

He’s leaving on the 28th of September, and then, I will only see him when our interview date is set in the Singapore embassy.

On the bright side, I’ve spent almost 7 weeks with little Isaiah and every single day he just gets cuter and cuter.

This was taken this morning

He’s like this super adorable little doll. He’s cute when he cries. He’s cute when he fusses. He’s cute when he wails. He’s cute when he drinks milk. He’s the cutest when he’s all curious and trying to be a little explorer. He’s now starting to move his eye balls by following moving objects and will sometimes listen intently when you speak to him.



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