My silver lining

One super amazing thing about having to wait in Singapore for ages is the fact that I get to spend so much time with my little nephew. Its amazing how cute newborns are. Their life currently can be described in 3 words: Eat, Sleep and Poo.

The way he eats is super cute, the way he sleeps is super cute and the frown on his face when he poo poos is also super cute. The smell is not so fantastic, but all in all, he’s like a little ball of cuteness. His skin is very soft and he has an irresistible baby smell. After you change his diapers, feed him, burp him he will have this contented look on his face and slowly drift away into dreamland.

Sometimes when you don’t give him milk fast enough, he wails like an entire orchestra. Babies are easily pleased tho, all he needs is milk, rest, cuddles and washing up. He has relatively little awake time, but when he does he looks around and scrutinizes everyone and everything with great interest. Isaiah has huge eyes, big bright and intelligent eyes. He’s really a bundle of joy.

I’m a noob at this though, so majority of the heavy lifting right now goes to the confinement nanny and my sis. I assume after she leaves, we’re going to have a fun time!

So yup, he’s essentially the silver lining behind the waity waity game I am playing with the United States Customs and Immigrations Service.

In other news, still absolutely zero news on the visa. I know, it will eventually come. Everyday I just tell myself, hey everyday that passed is ONE day closer to getting it. Missing Kris and missing our little home is the hardest part. I miss taking care of Kris, making yummy meals and cleaning our little house. Going for evening walks with him, planning fun activities for the weekends, or just having him pottering around the house, opening the fridge looking for food. Funny the things that you miss.

I console myself by reminding my brain that, ‘This too will pass.’ Its only a couple of months and we’re going to have the rest of our lives together. Waiting makes us love/appreciate each other more, and if it is this difficult it must mean that we’re the right ones for each other! After all, if you don’t truly love someone, you won’t miss him that much will you?

My sweetie has also been really thoughtful, he flies for 24-30 hours at a time, just to be with me for a week! Get here all jet lagged, drags himself to the office despite being sick so as to spend some evenings with me. His great sacrifice makes me feel very very lucky.

We will get there! We’ll eventually get to spend the rest of our lives together and this is just a small blimp in the beautiful canvas!

Today is a good day! I need to stay positive like this everyday so that the waiting will be much easier!




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