Welcome to the world Isaiah boy!


This little darling was born into the world on 6th August 2012!

Little baby Isaiah. I feel like a super proud Aunty showing him off to the world.

He’s a little wee thing, weighing at 2.38kg. However he packs a punch when he wails for you to cuddle him or change his poop. He’s quite feisty that way 😛

There’s something about cuddling a newborn/baby that feels so surreal. Its like one minute he’s in this huge tummy, and the other minute he’s this tiny little cutie waiting to be cuddled and kissed. He really likes to be cuddled! I put him down into his cot and he decided to whine and cry very cutely because he preferred to be nestled against my chest and cuddled by me. I know all parenting books tell you about not picking up a baby the moment he cries, but  I couldn’t resist! Besides, I’m playing the aunty card here!

Little Isaiah! Aunty Char Char loves you very much already! I cannot wait to bring you to America to visit me and show you all the cool things there! (Not that I am in America now :/ but eventually I will! 🙂

PS: One of the first few things kris said about the baby today was, “I’m going to teach him how to SAIL!”. Hmmmmm, I’m not sure his mummy and daddy would really feel comfortable with that Kris!


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