Charbot’s words of wisdom.

Sometimes when life throws us lemons, we’re unable to deal with the situation. We hit a road block, we get depressed, upset and become a ball of negative emotions.

However, ‘other people’ seem to always deal with negative or even devasting problems with great fortitude. How do they do that?

Easy! They have inner peace.

Inner peace comes from:

1) Realizing and Accepting that life IS difficult and life will always be difficult. Once you internalize that is difficult and ACCEPT that life will always be difficult, you will be less upset/thrown off when crappy shit happens. You will move on with great stride and accept that, ‘this too will pass’. Accept shitty things and realize that it will pass in due course.

2) Love and forgive, both yourself and others. Love your triumphs in life, but more importantly love your inadequacies.  Nobody is born perfect, so why do you always expect perfection from yourself? Whats more important is that you have tried your very best and is/are always looking towards self improvement. On that note, forgive others who have failed you. If you internalize that you’re lovable despite your failings, you will realize that there are many others who are inadequate just like you.

3) Be happy NOW. Do now deceive yourself by saying that if you have more money you’ll be happier, if you’ll get that promotion you’ll be happier, if your hubby was Robert P. you’ll be happier. Its true when you achieve extrinsic goals that you’ll be happy for a while, but after that an emptiness will creep in. Look for internalize happiness and peace, not for external gratifications.

4) Be grateful. Not only be happy now, but also be grateful of the things you have in life. Do not look at the problem all the time, look at all the other things in life that you have been blessed with. (Blessed by your religion or by the powers of the universe. Pick one!) The huge chunky front door might be closed, but the small cute little windows are all open, use them instead, you might never know what little adventures they provide.

5) Learn to put aside problems you cannot solve. Tackle your shit, one poop at a time. There will be some problems you can never solve right now, so find a solution if possible but if there is no solution in sight, shelf it for a while. Put it in the last of your priority and try not to let it be the white elephant in your thoughts. Focus instead on the things you can do right now. For example, the big load laundry, the lunch dates with friends and the chocolate you can buy for charlene. Coz Charlene loves chocolates.

6) Visualise good things happening in your life. Look far towards the horizon and think happy thoughts. Think about what you can do with your life. Think about the limitless possibilities and smile!

7) Don’t compare! If you must compare! Compare your life with people in worse of situations. Then you will realize how lucky you actually are!


I have hit a minor road block in my life. My perfect little plans did not all fall in place. I was mopey for a while, so I decided to read a few inspirations books and these thoughts are a little summary of my readings. Some days I feel down, but I know that eventually I just have to go UP and UP and UP.

So smile more! Incidentally this song is supposed to raise your serotonin levels lots!!!

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