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I have been blogging, but lately its a lot of incoherence and a lot of swear words, so its not worth publishing.

Besides everyone is just going to tell me to look at the bright side, it will soon be over, blah blah blah.

And all I want to do it SMACK EVERYONE THAT SAYS THAT!!!!


I AM NOT A REAL ROBOT okay. Adults cry, kick and scream. They just do it in private.

I will!

I am the most impatient person I know and this waiting process for the visa to come into the United States is one of the most frustrating things that Kris and myself have to deal with as a couple.

We’re doing everything by the book, because we want to get it right. We’re paying a significant amount for the lawyer because we want to make sure it goes without any glitches. I have no knowledge of how this system works and having an immigration lawyer soothes some nerves. However, the cost and added waiting time (because you need to fill the form, and then let her check it) is proving to be a challenge emotionally!

America still seems to be the ‘land of dreams’ for many, despite the plunging economy and hence they are very wary of people wanting to come in just for the green card. The whole process is going to take about 10 months, just for me to get a fiancée visa and then register our marriage legally in NYC when I can enter hopefully the end of 2012.

Being apart really sucks though. Kris handles it a little better because he’s always been very calm and level-headed. Me, I swing like a pendulum and ever so often, I have this surge of anger and displeasure with the system, because:

1) I have so much proof that we have been in a loving/stable relationship for the last 3 years!

2) It shouldn’t take more than 5 months for them to just consider my application!

3) Why is 10-12 months the norm for everything to be processed?

4) Why can’t I be in the USA while waiting for the visa? I mean if we have spent so much time and money in applying for the visa, isn’t it pretty clear that I am not one of those who’s going to over-stay! Plus I do want to travel in and out of the US, like hello! visit my family in Singapore! Sometimes the rules of a big and cumbersome organisation makes little sense!

Having a relationship and beginning marriage together has it challenges, I guess I should be glad that all things considered this is probably the most difficult challenge of our relationship.

Moving to a new country and starting our afresh is probably a challenge too, but mostly for me, since Kris is back in the land where he was born and pretty much in the same company.

So things are pretty SUCKY! As we’re stuck in this wait-y wait-y game.

In shitty times however, I am reminded of the need to be positive!

Kris has made me happier than I ever was. Being together has both made us happier and we’re both excited about our future together. He often reminds me that this short period of waiting pales in comparison to the rest of our lives that we’re going to spend together. 😀

So empowered with his great love and support, I am officially going to stop moping and look towards the rainbow at the end of the storm clouds!

I will use this time to train my patience, spend more time with family/friends and eat my way through the long exhaustive list of Singapore delicacies.

I will remember everyday that technology allows us to communication easily and that I have someone totally awesome waiting for me at the other side of the world.

I will rejoice and shower lots of love on my new nephew and forever entrench my adorable self into the depths of his memory!

I will read lots, swim/exercise lots and do whatever I want, whenever I want.

I will stop stressing over money and a career because life will eventually have a way of sorting itself out.

I will plan a ‘pamper myself trip’ to one of the countries in SEA, because I deserve to be pampered!

I will try my best to treasure every passing moment and be grateful of all the wonderful things that has happened to me.

I will not be mopey and grumpy! I will be cheerful and positive because the waiting time will not be changed if I am grumpy gertrude! So instead I will be happy harriet!

If anyone’s interested! I will be flying back to Singapore on the 18th of July! I will be there till the end of the year, unless a big miracle happens and my papers get processed earlier! One can dream, can’t they!

Also who’s interested in some budget travel?

Grandma’s 90th Birthday Bash

Gramma’s 90th birthday was on the 7th of July, we couldn’t miss that so we decided to take a few days more to drive up the Eastern coast before we arrived in Burlington for the big birthday bash!

This was gramma sticking her fingers into the cake! You can still see evidence of frosting on her lower lip. Gramma is very quirky and adorable, she also has a very very cheeky streak in her. She is officially the coolest 90th year old you’ll ever find!

We were down there for 4 days and was showered with lots of hugs by Kris’s family. I think I have met all of them now! Everyone was very nice and friendly and I had a great time meeting all of them!

One of Kris’s aunt even told me, ‘I have never seen Kris happier!’. My inference was that it was because of ME! *pumps fist*

Another highlight of the trip was most definitely a sail on SKYE! Skye was Kris’s grandpa’s boat, which is now his uncle Bob’s boat. Apparently Kris was on the boat since he was 2 and he has very fond memories of sailing along with his grandpa. It made Kris very very happy to be on the boat and out in the bay again. I like watching Kris happy, it makes me happy too.

A picture of father and son. As you can see, Kris has outgrown his daddy now. 😛 Kris’s dad is all about discipline, eating healthy and exercising lots.  He also likes being quiet/alone watching TV and reading newspapers. I personally take great delight in trying to engage him in conversation!

More about the road trip another time!