Happy 3rd Weekend of June (2012)

This weekend, we ventured into 2 parks Central Park in Manhattan and Prospect Park in Brooklyn.

We went cycling with Dor for 2 hours in Central park on Saturday afternoon and boy was it hot and crowded. Prospect Park on sunday had waYYYYYY fewer people and was very cool and airy.

I used my Mickey Mouse and Minnie mouse mat which I brought from Japan’s Daiso and boy was it kiddy sized!

It was very nice watching kids play in the park, people bringing portable grills and having a fun time. Kris even managed to catch a nap while I finished my book. I loved the greens! It’s very chill and relaxing, I need to do it more often. Weekdays in Central Park should be pretty chill, one day I shall bring a book and a picnic basket (and a bigger mat) and soak in the glorious and hopefully windy day!

Pictures 1st column (top down)

1) Cute pickle stall at outdoor bazaar, near Bryant Park (It’s a roaming bazaar that travels all around NYC)

2) Sunsets

3) Hungry Ghost cafe (Coffee, Cookie, Cupcake!)

4) Gate at the North side Entrance of Prospect Park

5) Horse escort of International Cultures Parade

Middle Column

1) Peaches! Sweet and yummy

2) Kris

3) Central Park Map from cycling shop

Last column

1) Elmo with an identity crisis

2) Me and my look at my bag pose

3) My ride at Central Park

4) Tenzaru Soba and Tempura from Gen @ Brooklyn

That my friends! Concludes my awesome weekend

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