Sunsets and Fillet Mignon

For some reason, I was craving steak. A nice juicy piece of steak to be precise.

I researched a little and there are awesome steak places just around the corner where we live, namely Delmonico’s and Capital Grille.


However, they both cost around $40+ USD excluding tip and tax. For Delmonico’s, sides are not even included with your steak! (At this juncture, the Singaporean in me goes, “SIAO AR! eat gold meh?”.

So today at Trader Joe’s, I saw two relatively tiny pieces of fillet mignon for 11.86USD and decided, WHAT THE HECK, I’m having steak tonight!

This is the result:

Fillet Mignon by chef Charbot. OMG! Just plain, pure OMG!

It hit the spot completely, utterly, hopelessly.

The best part was, it was a super fresh cut of meat that didn’t cost an arm or a leg. I love fresh food that tastes really good and is affordable.

It was so fresh that all I needed was a small piece of butter, 1/2 teaspoon of oil and a dash of salt.

It was the first time I ate fillet mignon and I am a NEW CONVERT! No more subpar rubbish pieces of steak, only home cooked goodness.

I know red meat is bad for you, steak is unhealthy, butter is artery clogging. BAH HUMBUG! For that piece of heaven, I’m willing to die a little younger.

On another note, I’ve started to take photos of (almost) daily sunsets.

Here’s some for your viewing pleasure 😀

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