Engagement Photo 1

This was taken on a hill beside Kris’s field. I love the B&W shots on this even though I normally don’t like B&W photos 😀

PS: The horrid photographers who ran off with our photos eventually succumbed to her mother’s pressure and gave us the DVD for the photos.

Apparently she and her husband ran into some trouble and therefore couldn’t give us the photos. Kris’s mum knows her mum, so when they bumped into each other for like the 4th time or something, she finally pressured her daughter into giving us when she owed. Thanks Anne for doing the uncomfortable task of knocking on her mother’s door to ask for our photos!

I feel a little sorry for the photographer’s mother, having dragged her into this mess. I hope eventually they clear up their mess and return the photos of those they took money from. I mean how sad would it be, if your wedding photographers just took off?

4 thoughts on “Engagement Photo 1

    1. charleneisabelle Post author

      Thanks fel! I saw your wedding photos won an award too!

      Come to think of it, I really liked your wedding photographer. I remember we were clowning around with one of your wedding pictures displayed outside the ballroom and it was picture in a picture 🙂


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