Adams Weekend June 2012

Memorable parts of the weekend!

1) Strawberry fields

Near to Kris’s parents house lies a field of strawberries. For 2 summers I had gone too early and the strawberries were not up for picking yet. This time however, there was a magnificent crop of strawberries waiting to be picked! The trick to pick strawberries according to Anne, is to pick those berries that were tucked under the shade of leaves. More often than not, if you look under a chunk of leaves, you would discover a pretty shade of red staring right back at you. I tried some (you’re not supposed to) while I was picking them, and it was this warm, sweet, juicy mouthful of strawberry goodness. Om nom nom


2) Blue grass festival

Blue grass (according to Wikipedia) is a form of American roots music and is a a sub-genre of country music. You can read more here. No wonder I liked it so much. I’ve always loved the rhythm of country and for some weird reason found country music very soothing. My favorite was this old guy there called Smokey Greene, he had a few renditions of very quirky songs that I loved. He’s an octogenarian who has a website of his own. Realistically speaking, the one who had the best vocals was this lady called Heather Berry, who as Anne quips, ‘has the voice of an angel’. The guys that were best on the instruments was this group called Audie Blaylock and Redline. This guy Patrick McAvinue was just magical on his fiddle. Bluegrass is something you don’t find around the city though and it seems to be something that the older people prefer. Kris and myself brought down the median age at the festival when we were there. It’s a pity because country music is so wholesome, unlike the crazy ass boom boom music we hear from the radio nowadays laced with lots of anger and angst.

3) Golf

Golfing is not an atas sport in Upstate NYC. Its something people leisurely engage in for $US8.50 for a par 3 course. Very cheap! I didn’t play this time, again because I was playing caddy! I found an abandoned orange golf ball and gave it a home! (In Kris’s golf bag) Kris is pretty good at golf I must say, he seldom plays but yet does pretty decently when he does. I think its because he absolutely hates to lose or maybe he’s just naturally talented at golf.

4) Father’s Day Dinner

We went to the 1812 Brew Pub at Sacket’s Harbor where Kris treated all of us to a yummy dinner of pasta, chicken and salmon! His daddy was very happy, as you can see from the montage below. After that we took a leisurely stroll along the harbor where Kris’s mum reminisced about the days when she brought the kids there to play in the garden.

All in all, it was a weekend filled with much pampering and love. I’m beginning to fall in love with the country side and perhaps in a couple of years, I can see myself moving away from the busy city. A place where you wake up to the bird calls, look up to shinning stars in the night sky, have squirrels in your backyard and fresh air to breathe!


Here’s a collage of  our fun filled weekend of strawberry picking, golf, blue grass festival and Happy Father’s Day dinner.

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