With my new-found freedom, I have decided to take part in online lectures from ‘brand name’ colleges.

I think hope that in the next 10 years, the landscape of education will change.

Education should not be akin to a fancy country club, that people get into because of rich daddies or an obscene trust fund.

Even more so, education SHOULD NOT bankrupt the average Joe on the streets.

Ironically, the first reading from the course, ‘Introduction to Sociology’ is about Harvard and their selection process of new students. The article is titled, ‘Getting In.’ The article talks about how the selection process of Ivy League schools; are not so much about academic merit, but rather your social status/athletic ability and do I dare say? appearance.

I’m not sure how the series of lectures will play out, but we shall see.

These are some of the other topics I am interested in:


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