Comedy Club (Dangerfields)

Ever since I moved to NYC, I wanted to go to a comedy club. For some reason we never GOT around to actually going to one.

So the other day, livingsocial was promoting a deal ‘5 bucks cover for 2 people’, so I DRAGGED Kristopher out from his dungeon and we went for a romantic date!

On the fine print it stated that we needed a minimum of 2 drinks per person, so while the entry was 5 bucks, the 4 drinks minimum still came up to be quite a bit. What was nice was that a tip was included in the bill, which was 15% so no complicated mathematics was needed at the end of the night. (I must disclose to you dear readers, that MY BOT who has a PHD in robotics which involve some very complicated mathematical formulas, cannot count to save his LIFE! Seriously, simple arithmetic takes him ages sometimes, I can add/multiply and divide way faster *MAKES SMUG-I-DONT-HAVE-A-PHD-BUT-I-AM-SO-CLEVER-FACE*)




The club of choice was *dang dang dang* DANGERFIELDS!

There was 4 comedians over a period of almost 2 hours.

We were seated right in front. So of course we got picked at. I could smell this one a mile off.

Comedian: Where you guys from?

Kris: I’m from New York and she’s from Singapore.

Comedian: So are you guys dating?

Kris: No, we’re engaged and about to get married.

Comedian: So you saw marriage and she saw, ‘YAY! GREEN CARD!’

Me: *rolls eyes*


I preferred the African American comedians, I cannot remember anyone’s name of course. (I’m bad like that with names) However, I felt that the 2 guys were the most natural and effortless, I couldn’t smell their jokes a mile off and it was funny and oh-so-true.

That said, at the end of the night it was worth the 50bucks because I laughed so much my cheeks were hurting.


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