Ten reasons why I love my BOT

Why I love him????

1.Protective without being stifling

2.Really really really intelligent without being pretentious or cocky. I think he’s my leetle genius! No I mean like seriously! The things he can do with Math and Computers are truly out of my league!

3.Loyal to a fault

4.Pampers me without molly-codling

5.Really good tempered, important trait since I’m apparently (biased since it comes from him) the nutty/volatile one with a healthy range of emotions 😀

6.Stable knows what he wants in life but MORE importantly realizes that money and power are not the sole motivators of his life

7.Encouraging and implores me to be a better person in my personal relationships, career and whatever interests me at any point

8. Thrifty and plans for the future

9. Kind and loving to almost everyone

10. Loves to hold hands and cuddle! Lately becoming more and more cuddly! Not sure if it’s a good thing! :p

(cuddly like him!)

Should I also blog about the top 3 annoying traits?

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