Kris’s parents house and a visit to the Moo Moo Farm! (Part 1)

Kris often raves about his home in upstate. It is by no means a magical palace with ladies in waiting but it is one of the most wonderful and serene places to him. Memories of himself growing up, playing, and exercising in the fields are something he always talks about to me, even to this day. I find it really amusing when he tells me things like; how his daddy used to make him run in the field and shovel the snow around the house.

So for about 3 times now, I’ve gotten to experience Kris’s little-piece-of-heaven. So far, I’ve always gone in summer so this December (with fingers and toes crossed) I get to experience the infamous upstate ‘winter-wonderland’. Apparently it can go -20 deg (metric system) temperatures in some years, so it would be interesting to freeze my little butt off this year! I can even make a REAL SNOW MAN! and feast on christmas goodies. Did I tell you that when I went over this weekend, I gained 1kg!!!!(#facepalm) His mummy made lots of yummy stuff, homemade pizza, BBQs and muffins and whatnots. So I was very very unabashed and stuffed my porky face lots! I mean in Asia its rude to turn down the food from your hosts! (I’m going with that excuse!)

Here’s some yummylicious pictures to prove it.

(At the bottom of the Montage you have Kris looking like a contented little puppy!)

Other pictures of his lovely home

Bunneh was also a happy bunny in the ‘GREAT OUTDOORS’!

He was slightly annoyed when he had some competition from the real bunnies over at the Old Macdonald’s Farm!

The last bunny is my fave in terms of grumpa-cuteness, because he looks oh-so-grumpy and REFUSED to be cuddled.

Dora the 2nd bunny, was by far the most friendly! She allowed me to stroke her by coming near, the entrance of her enclosure and was happy to let me pet her for a while.

On another note, I highly suspect Kris’s mummy ended up having more fun at the farm!

This is them, petting the only male cow in this farm. It’s a dairy farm, so girls RULE while boys DROOL.

We had this barn tour, whereby in the audio voice-over, it was said when boy cows are born in this farm, they will be sold to another farm for ‘other purposes’. (Anybody likes steak here?)

She took great delight in petting all the animals and talking to them. She even made this HUNK of a cow stand up, walk towards the fence and be petted by her. In a true ang-moh fashion (they all talk to their pets like they were human beings) she coaxed and had a conversation with MR COWMAN!

Kris was very cute, he doesn’t really talk much to the animals but was always the 1st one to start stroking/petting the animals on the farm.

(Snippets of an interesting conversation)

Me: This is Kris petting a donkey

Kris’s Dad: Oh two jackasses

Me: *rolls over the floor laughing/ROFL*

Me the timid and rather apprehensive little city girl of course waited for them to touch the animals before I slowly reached out my hands. I mean if they were violent and all, at least my fingers will be safe! AHA so I guess both of them were the ‘sacrificial lambs’. I was however the 1st one at the dinner table tho, so I guess it was just different motivations! 😀

I highly suspect Kris’s dad thinks, or rather I am very sure he thinks I’m a little whimp! Actually anybody who knows me well knows I’m a little whimpy.

(Another interesting snipplet with Kris’s dad)

Kris: *hits a golf ball and it didn’t go very far*

Kris’s Dad: Was that her? (referring to the fact that he hits like me, which is deeply insulting!)

Me: Wahahahahaha

To be fair, Kris had some amazing hits later on! 240 mark! AMAZING I think. Then again I am lovestruck so therefore everything he does is amazing. 😛

On a side note, trying to hit the golf balls are not that easy! I keep missing, except when at the last few shots, I tried Kris’s dad’s new driver, which was lightweight and bigass, so I managed to hit maybe the 75 mark.

(I had him a little worried, haha! I’m sure he thought I was going to destroy his new toy!)

That was the furthest I went. #epicfail

I had lots of fun tho! Soaking in extra cuddles and lots of LOVE!

Memorial weekend #FTW!!!!!

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