Review of ‘Lonely, I’m Not’

The play was about this high-powered corporate ninja who has a mental breakdown. After 4 years, he picks himself up and tries to find himself. He battles with inadequacy, a sense that that is something fundamentally wrong with himself. He dabbles with a girl who is wildly successful in her own right, but has issues of her own, possibly due to her overcompensating for her lack of sight.

My favorite character was the ex-wife/roommate/adoring intern. She played the fringe characters but executed the 3 roles superbly.

A better review can be found in the New York Times.


The most poignant phrase or should I say striking phrase in the move to me was this:

‘New Yorkers are obsessed with the idea of independence”

*cue awkward oh-yes-its-true-laughter from the audience’


I have this nagging suspicion that in NYC:

Its okay if you’re a struggling artist with no end in sight

Its okay if you’re protesting against the 1% with no real inclination of what you’re protesting for

Its okay if you got laid off for the last 4 years due to the financial crisis and you’re still finding yourself.

Its okay if you date girls/multiple girls, boys, bisexuals whatever.

But you’re a total social outcast if you should signs of dependency/weakness/inability to take care of your self in shape or form/ aka you’re NOT independent.

I haven’t lived here long enough to make the above gospel truth, but that is my gut instinct.

I’m not sure about the other states, I think I need to move there to find out.

Maybe its an American thing, but I feel its way stronger in NYC (or other major  cities) which makes sense from a sociological point of view if you think about it.

Actually my next destination to live in is preferably Europe, maybe I can move to Eastern Europe to teach!

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