The Simple Pleasures of Life :)

The bot works really hard from Monday to Friday so some Saturdays he prefers to stay in. (Especially since he’s going to Atlanta on Sunday, for 3 whole days!) I will be all my by lonesome in NYC!

When he’s away, I have scheduled this

1) Pilates class on Monday

2) Scrub the toilet! (His duty, but he has a higher tolerance for dirt so he always gets scot free!)

3) Eat Japanese food (Lunch time deals in the city are good, plus he hates Japanese)

4) Jog

5) Read

6) Make some cookies/pie/yummeh something for his arrival on Wednesday night.

7) Maybe find a cheap off-off broadway play for the weeknight

8) Continue research for graduate school

9) Make new friends, find new hobbies in the city

10) Spend more time on current affairs!


Back to simple saturdays, so this week we stayed in and made something so simple and so yummeh! A collaboration of our LOVE! Aglio Olio!

Boil pasta, stir-fry garlic, stir spices in and violaaaaaaa! DONE!


Happy Saturday everyone. I hope all is well in your world!

Hugs and Kisses




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