Graduate School Research

I was toying with a few options for graduate school

1) Law School, JD

2) Edu Psych, MA

3) History, MA

4) Curriculum Planing, MA

6) and other random whims ūüėÄ [Psychology, SEL in adolescents and teenagers, Higher Edu, blah]

I have eliminated (kinda)

Option (1). ¬†I have thought long and hard, a tight blazer, high heels and a long-tight skirt is not something I aspire to be in everyday! I kid, I’ve decided that I don’t want to be a corporate shark. I believe that ¬†humans are social creatures and your environment moulds your character to a certain extent. Or perhaps *horrified face* that I have had a tendency to be SHEEP! *grins* I don’t think I can ever be a sheep, I was just having this conversation the other day with a friend, about how I like to defy institutions and how I dislike being like everybody else, and how I will at times¬†inconvenience¬†myself because I stubbornly refuse to be told what to do, how to do it and when to do it.

(Perhaps this is why I date a foreigner, in part perhaps to confound expectations. Well aside from the fact that he makes me/helps me to be happier than I have ever been :D)

I digress. I mean I can have all my lofty ideas about the kind of lawyer I aspire to be, but my interactions (limited) with¬†practicing¬†lawyers have always been¬†slightly ‘meh’, I mean its great, that you can command your kind of salary, but life is not about billable hours. [I’m not saying every lawyer is like that, I’m saying it seems to be more than the mean, given my minimal interactions with them]

Personally, money and power CANNOT be the sole motivations for my career/life/soul. I mean how many lawyers do you actually know, that are awesome at their job, do pro bono work?

It’s always about the money and I guess deep down I don’t want that. Don’t get me wrong, salary is important to a certain extent, but I don’t think I can be happy, if money was a HUGE factor of what motivates me at work. I have a nagging suspicion that if on my CV I state that ‘saving the world’ and ‘curing social injustice was my motivations in doing law school’, the application board would just toss that right out of the window! Or perhaps snigger first (and then toss away) at my ragging idealism.

I might however take the LSATS because it’s so ¬†difficult and I find it really challenging. Honestly time, well good old-time is on my side now. Even if I don’t become a lawyer, I want to know that well I (sorta) can!

We will see! I got 2 million things in my agenda for now! Most of which involve lots of FUN and less hard work like the above. But I am a firm believer that hard work/discipline moulds character!

We shall see!

TGIF everybody! Woooooooooooooootttttt

Have a good one!

Here’s a picture of my new hair-do for one and all to admire! HAR!



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