Wajima Sushi

Decided to do a lil review of my fave cuisine – Japanese!

The very value for money Lunch set! It comprises of:

Sashimi + rice (Commonly known as chirashi)

2 pieces of tuna
1 piece of salmon
1 piece of fluke (All the fishies were sliced very thinly but very fresh, the sushi rice was served warmed with a hint of vinegar which I loved 🙂

Rice with tempura prawn

-radish and shoyu sauce on top was flavorful without being too pungent
-prawns very fresh and batter light

Cha soba
– very normal, not worth the calories in my humble opinion. It had a very grainy texture and you can sort of taste the flour, a little too underdone for me. Or perhaps just cheap cha soba

Had a slice of fish cakem 1 puny prawn and a puny drop of chicken!
Egg was smooth and didn’t have that eggy smell! Very delectable!

Miso soup
A lil too salty for my liking. Miso and seaweed were fresh tho.
Then again I find a lot of American food too salty for my chi chi Singaporean palate! Ha!


**Location: 134 E. 61st street, between Park and Lexington NYC

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