Weekends are LOVE

Weekends are mostly reserved for trooping around the new city – We now call home ūüôā

Sat: Home made Taco lunch, Movie, Peter’s family drinks, Sushi for dinner

Sun: Greenwich village food tour, came home unpacked boxes, made Shepard’s pie and a salad!

Here’s the link for picture of the Greenwich food tour ūüôā

After we came home I unpacked and realised that I have this




I admit I am a little ashamed that I have around 10x more clothes than Kris has, but I mean Kris is a real minimalist and if you count he clothes that he has in his parents maybe I just have 50% of his total ‘collection’.

However!!!!!!!!!!!!!  if you account that fact that he is 30% bigger, its only a marginal 20% difference!

Violaaaaaaaaaa!!!!!!!!!!!!Plus he has a boat FULL of knick knacks! Therefore simple mathematics dictate that he actually has MORE stuff than me! HUZZAH!!!!!!!!!!!!

Its funny how I downsized so much, moved 9000 miles across the world and YET still have so much stuff. I will buy nothing else, and as I say that I just ordered a new laptop from Amazon. (Only to replace the currently 6 year old laptop that is frequently dying and displaying the dreaded blue screen of death)

I am spoilt, I admit! By my darling bot! Who said the new computer was my birthday and Xmas present for 2012!  Huzzah!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I love presents! especially when they come months in advance! I reckon I get to enjoy them for longer! Kris gives the best presents, because he always gives me stuff I need/am going to buy them.That being said, I have a tendency to articulate loudly what I need. That helps him. *makes unabashed face*

Speaking of which, Kris claims he can do things with computers that make your head spin. I agree. Today at the food tour, while the tour guide was describing the bricks ‘. _________ . _________ .’ He grinned in his silly cute way and went ‘hmmm morse code’. I found that ultra adorable! Too bad we are in NYC and not Europe because I wanted to kiss his cute lil geeky button nose there and then! Or his sexy squishy lips! (Pardon the mushyness, I mean we have been apart for pretty long! that calls for extreme mushiness when we’re united again!)

The VISA thing is still on hold, or at least I’m waiting the “THE LETTER” from the American embassy for me to have that interview that determines that I DID NOT marry Kris for the green card. I’m marrying him because he’s the best fiancee/bf/hubby in the history of the world! Waahahahahaha. Also the smartest and cutest and kindness and the list goes on *silly happy grin*

For those who are still confused. I have had a traditional Chinese marriage ceremony in Singapore for the folks back home, but we did not, end up signing the legal marriage certificate yet, because the lawyer in NYC advised us against it.

So we’re signing the legal certificate in NYC, the moment my interview gets thru (**crosses all fingers and toes). Then we will be ‘officially married’ and I can start the green card process for work/school. We feel married to each other tho, I mean living together happily for the last 6 months or so, surely counts more than a official piece of paper¬†sanctioned¬†by any government, in any part of the world! (in my humble opinion) I like to tell people that ‘We’re married in our hearts’ when asked they asked if I am¬†legally¬†married. ūüôā

**At this juncture, for people who are *gasping* that we’re¬†cohabitating¬†and going insane with thoughts like “OH MY GOD! HOW CAN THEY LIVE TOGETHER AND NOT BE MARRIED!”

I ask in the nicest way possible to click on the ‘X’ on the top right hand side of the browser and please exit my webpage because I¬†guarantee¬†that the rest of my *extremely radical thoughts* will pollute the purity of your heart and soul. ¬†ūüėõ

I don’t understand why people judge other people ALL THE TIME. The worst! of these people are those that judge me by saying, ‘oh I never travel with my bf’ and then the next minute you find out that they just returned from a trip with a boy they are dating. I mean WHAT IS WITH THAT HYPOCRISY?????????? ¬†I understand if you have your own values, but hey don’t judge me and then turn around and do the same thing! Have some¬†integrity for your own bloody sake!

On a less grumpabot note, my babies have arrived! In all their glorious cuteness

I look back at the post and its a whole range of emotions from happiness to angst. But really I am mostly content with life and happy. I just have a wider range of emotions that I freely display! Which I argue is a good thing, I display my emotions freely and let the negative energy all purge from my system! and when I am happy I infect the people around me with my happiness and JOY!

I was just discussing with Kris the other day that he has 5 types of emotions:


Lil Anger

Neutral (He’s 80% in this state)

Lil Sad


I! on the other hand have:

Extreme exhiliration



Great Joy

Great Happiness

Neutral (10% of the time)



Great Pain in the Heart

Death by Heartbreak

(There are more than 20 emotions in my spectrum of emotions, but you get my drift! heh heh)

To end somewhat abruptly, here’s a photo of extreme happiness, taken outside ‘Milk and Cookies’ in Greenwich village. This is me, happily anticipating the cookie from the food tasting tour we’re on!







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