Reflections on Tokyo after 2 glorious days (Day 1-2)

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Its been an extremely pleasant trip so far, Tokyo is a bustling metropolis that straddles both the old and the new. Today I was in Sumita and Taito prefectures? of Toyko. I walked from one area to another and in the midst of towering buildings, there was this quaint little park called Kyu-Yasuda Garden which akin to something off a period drama.

Very quaint and peaceful.

I spent the better park of the morning/afternoon in the Edo Tokyo Museum on Ryogoku which was near the SUMO district. I think sumos are very cute. Here’s some pictoric evidence of the sumos I saw down walking down the streets casually.

*sings to the tune of pretty woman* chubby sumo … walking down the streets…, the kind of boy I like to meet* Too bad it wasn’t sumo competition season, which happens around May,  I guess the Sumos need the rest of the year to fatten up!

After which I had some delicious Chankonabe

My meal was the downsized version of course. Chankonabe is traditionally the meal used by Sumo wrestlers to fatten up, sometimes up to 400kg. *mygiddyauntie*

After the meal, I looked like this 🙂


I spend like 4 hours in the Edo Tokyo Museum, which is a modern museum with replicas of Tokyo during the Edo period (Before the Meiji Restoration)

On the 2nd day, I meet  M (A friend from Uni who’s doing her masters in Tokyo U) for a delicious tofu dinner and a short walk around Ueno, too bad all the shops were closed then.

The most exciting part of Day 2, was the Onsen experience. It was the single most civilised spa in the history of spas. Everything was in Japanese but in the typical Japanese fashion everything was so intuitively organzised that I could easily figure everything out without a translator. (Plus I’m kinda smart! :P)

There was an outdoor pool (2 temperatures) and Indoor pool ( 2 temperatures) and indoor jacuzzi pool, indoor foot soaking pool, indoor cold pool, and 2 saunas. It was marevellous, I’m not sure what the ingredients of the pool contained, but it was just so relaxing.

The other highlight was erm everyone was completely naked, myself included. I was initially very apprehensive and a tad nervous but every was completely at ease with their nudity so after a while I just went with the floor  It was  erm pretty liberating in a sense! Lets just say I had a very close encounter with the Japanese female physique ! I mean its hard not to look right! I didn’t stare per se, I just erm glanced? You can’t expect me to walk with my eyes closed inside! I think its a concept only the Japanese can master. The Japanese are extremely polite people, therefore they never stare, keep to their own space and just do their own stuff. Nobody talks loudly in the spa or acts uncouthly by staring, everyone is mindful of their own personal space and that of others. Its really a very very civilised country.

It was very soothing and relaxing and great for my skin, a few days later when I met up with my friends and they decided to go to Sanrio Puroland, I decided to revisit the Onsen again! This time I upgraded for the healing baden rooms, which involve colour therapy,  aromatic oils, cold therapy room with floating jelly fishes and a R&R area with Japanese mats filled with relaxing natural oils. Pure heaven! Thinking about the place makes me want to go back to Tokyo again!!!!!!

Thats for the first 3 days, more to come in the next entry! Day 3-8 🙂

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