Back home in NYC again! Wheeeeeeee

The wonderful wonderful guy at immigration gave me a 90 day visa. With some degree of friendliness and sympathy to boot!  The heavens must have been watching over me!

So now I can hug Kris non stop for 80+ days! Wheeeeeeeeee

I can finally enjoy the shiny apartment and cook yummy meals for my bot! I have grand plans about being a macaroon chef!

I have a backlog of entries of my Bangkok trip and Japan which I promise to update soon! Well soon-ish 😛 Bangkok and Japan were super fun, the company was excellent and I have decided that these are my top 2 favourite cities in South East Asia and East Asia.

I did Japan alone for 3 nights and I realised that I like travelling alone, I mean I enjoyed the company when it was there, but I generally had no problems being alone. I enjoyed wandering along streets on my own, waking up/resting/sleeping eating whenever and wherever I went, had random conversations with random strangers. It was nice. I never thought I would enjoy travelling alone as much, but I just wanted to try it for the heck of it. Glad I did. Things to check off my bucket list 🙂 Japan was  very tourist friendly too, I mean I cannot speak a word but everything there is designed so intelligently and intuitively that with a certain level of intellect (heh! heh!) I breezed through the city. It is definitely one of the more civilised countries in the world, the people are gracious and helpful when asked. Like any big cities, everyone is rushing off somewhere but everybody I asked for directions/help gave it so willingly and some went the extra mile to help me find my way. Restore my faith in human kind! Mild exaggeration is a woman’s prerogative!

I am excited to go visit Kris’s parents and their calm and serene house next month and I’m SUPER excited to see his adorable grandma! This time maybe Kris will allow me to try a game of golf on my own and not hog the club and say ‘You’re too slow and we don’t want to hold up the people behind’. I shall wake him up at 6am and so that we’re the first one on the greens!  *insert evil laugh*

I was especially touched to note that Anne and his sis gave me some Christmas presents (from Xmas 2011) and even baked some cookies (froze them) and was exhilarated to tear open my presents when I got to the apartment. I mean Xmas presents in April! Santa must really love me! I haven’t eaten the cookies yet but it looks promising, all colourful and happy. The other Christmas presents were really well thought of and exactly what I like! Its really sweet when you know someone racked her brains to scout for presents that she knows are ‘YOU’. Its really the thought that counts! Thanks Anne and Kim!

Hmmmm cookies, I shall go warm some up now!




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