Nippon land

I’m flying off to Japan in less than 8 hours.

I am beside myself with EGG-citement. The only thing that will make this perfect is if Kris Beevers was here with me. Too bad he’s very busy and important in his office! However its 12 more days before I see him. Wheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

This is my first solo trip alone. Well not entirely because I am going to meet one of my best friend’s, best friend Chie! and another ex Uni friend M. The reside in Tokyo for work and study respectively. So I won’t be alone. 4 days later, FY and her sis FR is joining me. I will move from this hotel to this hotel.

My Schedule for the 1-2 day looks like that! I have internet in the hotel, so I only plan 2 days ahead of time!

Day 1: 15th: Sunday

Morning: ikebukuro area.

Afternoon with chie: shibuya  +   Harajuku,  Meiji shrine.

Night:  Chie Japanese dinner.  Parks at night to see cherry blossom?

Day 2: 16th: monday

Morn:  Odaiba: man made island? Hot springs, (How to get there: Ikebukuro – shimbashi on JR line. Then yurikamome line to Telecom center station)

Afternoon: hang around there n walk around man made island! Or go shunjuku gyoen park to walk! It’s on the pink line. Same as hongo sanchome! 200 yen very nice park!

From telecom centre: take yurikamome line to shiodome, then shiodome directly to hongo sanchome.

Evening:   Meet michelle hongo sanchome station.

Excitedbot is ME!

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