Charbot giveaway!

Dear Loyal and not so loyal readers of mine!

Its time for my first inaugural ‘Charbot Giveaway’

I have 3 pre-loved items to give away!

1) EZ link card – zero value but the card itself is worth 5 bucks and expires in 2015

2) Targus Laser Pointer and Slideshow clicker (Please note its used, surface a little dirty, but can be cleaned with alcohol and some cotton wool)

3) Altec lansing earphone (foldable and comes with a blue case to wrap the wires in, its a headphone model, again its used somewhat lightly)


Leave me a message below and the wittiest answer for why you want it, wins the prize! I might even ship it to you. 🙂


One thought on “Charbot giveaway!

  1. Jane

    I want the laser pointer and slide show clicker! Haha cuz I’m still teaching while u don’t anymore. I can walk around sneak attack the kids while I teach. Not gonna be stuck in one position anymore. Ok so I win it right. Also it makes things easier since I’m gonna see u tomorrow. So u don’t have to deliver the items to me!! Hehe.


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