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Be the change you want to see in the world, if you can’t be the change of the world than at least be the change you want to see in yourself – charbot 


(This post might potentially annoy you, if you cannot be open minded about deviating points of view, it’s time to switch windows!)

















Last chance! Okay here goes my rant!



Ever since I quit my job. I have been happily travelling, to new York, Thailand and I have booked tickets for Japan next week and New York again the week after. 🙂



Many people for good intentions (mostly) have been saying, ‘oh you’re so lucky. Can travel as and when you want, coz Kris can support you, blah blah…..’



Well wrong on both counts. Kris has indeed offered to finance some of my travels, but it was declined because I work and I save and it’s time to reward myself. I am not lucky cause it’s suddenly raining money. I’m lucky because I save hard and I’m lucky because I value happiness over being tied to a job which I felt didnt make me realise my maximum potential. I am lucky because I Know that money/stability is not always the key to happiness. I am lucky because I know that my career is only one part of my life. I mean I am happy for a lot of other things… I digress, my point is, You! Yes YOU have the power of making yourself happy/lucky/fortunate. 



Blessed are those who see that:  the fruits of their own labour are the most precious. Being lucky does not mean that someone hands you/showers you with stuff you need not work for. It simply means that you’re a fortunate parasite. 



I know the analogy is a tad harsh, but it puts my point across. I think it’s very important for people to work hard to achieve the things they want in life. For me it’s travelling and I deserve every ounce of this ‘luck’ because I have worked really hard and compromised a lot of things in my life for this simple pleasure of exploring the world.



So please for goodness sake, do not say I’m lucky and especially do not be jealous of me. You can be ‘lucky’ like me too! Just bite the bullet and make a choice!



Give up your HDB, condo, car, ridiculously expensive designer bags, shoes etc etc. Don’t eat at restaurants and viola, you’ll have lots of spare cash.



Envy is a wasted emotion. If you want something, plan for it, budget for it.



Work to live and not live to work! It’s that simple.



I do acknowledge however, that it’s not an easy decision. Attachment to a stable income, a house that’s fully paid for, a mortgage, a car etc etc does some what tie you down. But hey! that is what I gave up in order to enjoy my life for a while. I do eventually plan to go back to work and/or finish graduate school. When I run out of planned savings! 🙂



But for now, I’m going to sit back, enjoy my life, enjoy my hard-earned money and have as many  massages as I want in Bangkok, because I have only one life and I fully intend to make it count!
Ps kris: *Bangkok is awesome, the company, food, massages! Oh massages!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I bought a nice massage oil and hopefully I can stop falling asleep in massages so that I can bring Bangkok to you! If all else fails, I will YouTube it and help u do a Thai massage! I miss you and love you very much! Wish u were here with me!!!! Chu chu
Pps: I also did not spell check or check my language thoroughly because I rather be exploring and fully enjoying Bangkok!  Linguistics nazi’s welcome to your version of hell! :p

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