Bye Bye NYC for now

So here it goes …

I need to return to Singapore to file for my fiancée visa and its going to take 5 months from the time I file for them to grant me an interview at the American Embassy in Singapore. I’m looking around August I guess.

NYC has been great for the last 2-3 weeks, I could see myself living here for the next couple of years.

I’m going to miss Kristopher as he needs to fly back immediately after the wedding/engagement Party in Singapore. *big wet eyes* 🙂 Absence makes the heart grow fonder I guess.

As my parting gift to him, I make him frozen pasta dinners.

Om Nom Nom Nom



Getting on the plane to Singapore in the next couple of hours. Going to crash for a while as I’m down with flu. What a way to start a 30 hour flight. #firstworldproblems


In March and April, I’m intending to visit Japan and 1 SEA country, so drop me an email if any of you are intending to travel around the region too. I’ve worked hard for quite a number of years, working in school and working bloody hard after graduation, its time for me to see the world full time and enjoy my life! (@ least till my budget for travel goes KAAABOOOOSH!) Inspired by Shelvi, I’ve decided to set aside xxxx for travel and when that runs out, hopefully my VISA would have arrived and I can get a job in the BIG APPLE. *crunch crunch nom nom*


See you peeps in Singapore soon! Much love and lots of *air kisses* 

2 thoughts on “Bye Bye NYC for now

  1. Kimberly

    Enjoy your travels and your well deserved time off to enjoy all of life’s many wonders! Looking forward to your return to the big apple for some more excursions in the USA – there is so much more to see and do! =)

    1. charbot Post author

      Thanks Kimberly! It was lovely meeting you and Joe! I had lots of fun! The pasta was made with the wine you and Joe gave! Thanks so much! While I’m gone, please get Kris out! He’s likely to work 14 hour days without me, including weekends!


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