Culture Vultures in NYC

This week we went to 3 cultural/artsy events:

1) Museum of Moving Images (Muppets Exhibition)

It was very interesting knowing more about Jim Henson, the creator behind the Muppets!


This piece was found at the centre of the galleries, in the middle of the walkways actually. Crushed on the floor are red pieces of paper with words “Treaty for the rights of Women”. I picked it up and brought one home, I’m going to put it on Kris’s side of the bed. HA! Our theme for the bedroom appears to be red and white, perfect! 🙂

Dali is my favourite artist! This piece is entitled ‘The persistence of Memory’.

3) Spirit of Uganda (Drums & Dancing)

I really liked this performance, partly because I had zero expectations going into this performance but mostly because they were really good. I mean we passed by NYU one day and happened to see a poster promoting this concert and I was kinda like, well we got nothing planned for Saturday, tickets were cheapish, so wth lets just go!  Well I was wrong, I really enjoyed myself. It was amazing what those performers did with those handmade animal skin drums. It didn’t hurt that the male drummers ALL had such ripped muscles that puts the Abercrombie models to shame, partly because they actually had a skill unlike the latter. 😛

Incidentally the Ugandans choose partners based on their ability to BOOGIE! So if you have the most awesome dance moves in a ‘singles meet and mingle’, you’ll have the highest chance of getting the bride/groom that you desire.

Some interesting tibits

a) There are 2.5m orphans out of a population of 34m in Uganda 🙁

b) The performers ranged from 11-21 years of age and have lost either 1 or both parents

c) The average income of a household is 340USD a year, therefore most families live on less than 1USD a day

*Side note*

On the way home the other night, I noticed this really old homeless man who looked all worn down and dishevelled. I mean the subways have quite a bit of homeless people lurking/wandering around but this man was unique because he was old and looked like he had a very hard life. It made me feel very sad. I see plenty of younger homeless people who are able bodied and I feel like he/she needs to get a shower and actively look for a job. But this old man, he seemed like he had worked hard for most of his life plus he had a limp and was dragging 3 plastic bags and a coat (his entire life belongings). He was also eating a bag of chips, those cheap ones with lots of colouring and artificial flavours you can get for less than a dollar. He would eat one, wrap it up and put it into his plastic bag, then 2 seconds later do the same thing again. He did that for 5 chips, presumably because he wanted to ‘conserve’ the chips for as long as possible. It broke my heart really. Just 5 minutes before I saw him, I remember thinking and groaning internally about the huge load of laundry I needed to do and the house I needed to clean. 5 minutes later, I looked at him and thanked the creator of the universe for a house I could clean and the ability to have freshly washed clothes.

It was interesting moment for me because it suddenly dawned on me that I don’t see homeless people in Singapore. New York is really an interesting place to just people watch. The question now therefore is, can I do anything to make a difference to those who have less?

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