Settling into an apartment in NYC and observations around the area

Choosing and viewing an apartment in NYC for our needs took a grand total of 2 days. Our needs were simple, reasonable price (tho I must say nothing is reasonable in Manhattan!) near Kris’s office and building with a gym. Settling the administrative work, took almost another 2 days :/

In the end we paid a little more than expected, compromised on bed room space but got a place with a great location, superbly near to his office and excellent view of Lady Liberty. I have been sitting inside this apartment and just staring outside the window night and day, I’m not sure how healthy that is 🙂 Anyhow it has only been a couple of days, things might change after a few months.

We have a doorman. I have no idea why he’s called a doorman because he doesn’t open my door for me. This entire building has like 530? units and thus maybe 800 or more people go through the lobby in a given day. Rentals in NYC are vastly different from Singapore, most people cannot afford the exorbitant price of an apartment, therefore the rentals are done directly by the building management themselves. Instead of dealing with the house owner, you instead deal and view your apartments straight from the building management.  They usually come unfurnished except with an inbuilt kitchen, closet space and a toilet. Another interesting observations about toilets in the apartment is that the main area of the bathroom does not have a drainage pipe, the only place with a pipe is in the tub itself. Therefore shower curtains are ESSENTIAL! Unless of course you enjoy mopping the floor with paper towels each time you finish showering.

I have chosen a theme for the kitchen, RED! I so far have red pots, red table mats, red dinning chairs and 1 pink knife and pink sponges! I have to compromise a little with steel utensils, black/steel ladles, white colander etc. I coloured coded towels and sponges too, pink for cleaner things like drying pots and pans and purple sponges for wiping the table/cleaning the sink. I think its really hygienic this way, Kris says I’m OCD. *mutter mutter mutter* Wait till he gets food poisoning! He’ll see that I’m right!

Since I’m in America! I have also decided to wear my shoes in the house. Every shit who walks in here marches right in with their shoes, so I pretty much have to do as the romans do. Plus I figured that I have to clean less right since I’m wearing shoes and can’t feel the dirt! HA! Win win! No awkward ‘ Can you please remove those shoes?’ Most of the time they have marched right into my living room way before I can say ‘ Can you please…’. Oh by the way, New Yorkers never walk, they all half run everywhere. I however have begun walking ‘New York Style’, most because its cold and I just want to get to my destination pronto. In other cleaning matters! I have also bought a tiny vaccum and a wet/dry swifter, arrives Tuesday! For now, dusty floors!

Like Singapore, most tenants and (some owners maybe) do not smile or say Hi in the lift. (**Except my immediate neighbour a guy called Kevin whom I talked to briefly in the laundry room this morning)  Most people keep to themselves and sorta just look at the numbers on the elevator somewhat impatiently. Pets are allowed in the buildings and apparently my neighbour has 3 dogs, judging by the sounds a pet collar makes outside our door yesterday night. Fortunately, no yappy sounds as yet. Dogs here are also for some reason way friendlier than the ones back home. However because I have a ‘chicken heart’ I  do a lil jump when the big ones come too close. I also jump a little when I hear loud noises in the streets. Very embarrassing and I hope to rid the habit soon.

Groceries here are also pretty expensive, along with everything else! I spend 5.99/500ml on pasta sauce, 4 bucks or so/regular bag of pasta. 3.99/regular bag on ‘healthy’ corn chips, 6.99/500ml on gucamole, 3.99/400ml on salsa, 5.49 on a pint of Ben and Jerry’s and you get the picture. I need to convert to the stupid system of ounces, feet, inches, pounds and the works. A lil bit of a pain in the arse I might say, why doesn’t the US follow the rest of the civilised world!

I haven’t really used my kitchen yet, because we really only moved in yesterday night. However, what’s on the menu seems to be creamed spinach (frozen :/, in my defence! I read somewhere that frozen veges retains its nutrients) and vodka sauce pasta for lunch. And blueberry pancakes with maple sauce for breakfast this sunny Saturday! Dinner well. is too far away. I have a pint of FroYo (diet) Phish food in my freezer, but its really too cold to eat ice cream. Am trying to save on heat, so I’m not switching on the heater! The building has central heating to about 20 deg celsius/68 Fahrenheit. It gets slightly warmer in the afternoons around 23 deg c / 74 f. That temperature is slightly more ideal!

Edit: I did make lunch and breakfast. Here are some pictures to prove it. Nom Nom

Tonight we’re going to the Lower East Side for some fun! Kris spend the entire day fixing the dresser, bed side table and coffee table. I did laundry and cooked!

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