Fine Dining in NYC (Valentine’s Day 2012)

For Valentine’s Day, sweet fiancebot decided that he’ll take me out on a Valentine’s day/Welcome to NYC/Monthversary date. We decided to try out a 1 star Michelin rated restaurant for the heck of it. The regular menu looked pretty decent on the website. (Public) However when we reached the restaurant we realised that they only served the V-Day tasting menu and by then we had already hung out coats in the coat room and drank some water so we figured we’ll just have our meal anyway, despite the fact the tasting menu did not include a price. Well done Kris and Char!

The photos are not awesome mostly because its an iphone camera and the restaurant was dark as hell, you know those Atas kinds? I feel that I’m so not a fine dining person because;

A) Puny portions

B) So dark! cannot photography my food properly (and hence cannot go back and greedily admire the yummy goodness)

C) I have to try and be demure and cannot laugh and talk loudly! Or exclaim things like OMG DAMN SHIOK! without the entire restaurant looking at me disapprovingly.

D) I can get yummy char kway teow for 2.50SGD back home! x100 the price seems ridiculous much!


Anyhows the meal was still very much appreciated Kristopher, here’s the pictures guys!


Starter – Soup

Appetiser 1

Appetiser 2

Main (Venison and Snapper)

We were discussing venison cooked in Singapore which was usually gone with ginger and spring onion. Then Kris quipped oh no this is a different venison, think BAMBI!!! I stopped at my first bite, because I Do NOT eat cute animals!

Dessert (Cheese and Chocolate thingy)

For some reason the cheese platter appealed to me more than the chocolate. I loved the blue cheese (insert fancy name) version.

Menu (for the food connoisseurs!)

When the final bill came, I was flabbergasted. I mean, it was a good meal but not worth XXX USD dollars! I mean I don’t thing any meal justifies that price. Its too extravagant to spend more than XXXUSD per person even for a fancy meal. Nonetheless, its NYC and I guess I have to somewhat accept the high prices or not eat out or check the prices before we consume our meal!!!

Anyhow it was still memorable because its our 1st V-day in NYC, the day we got our keys for the apartment, exactly 1 month to our solemnization and I was dating the most adorable dude in the restaurant (I checked, heh heh) . What more can a girl ask for? 😛

I shall leave you with happy pictures of us . (I look a lil constipated, probably because I am. HA!)

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