New York after 3 days

So! I’ve finally arrived in NYC after 25 hours on the SQ A380. Its a nice new plane that’s really quiet, so it was a smooth ride for the both of us. We got it for cheaper than Emirates or US carriers too. Score!

Here’s a picture of the happy bots in the A380!


Random facts about New York after 3 days.

1) High rise buildings in NYC act like wind tunnels that funnel cold cold air to unsuspecting tourists!

2) Doors are heavier in NYC. I am mortified of revolving doors!

3) Pizza is super yummmy in NYC

4) New YOOOOrkers walk really quickly, my little trotters struggle to keep up.

5) Eating out is terribly expensive! I paid like 12 USD (including tip) for a duck and wanton noodle. It feeds 2 Asians  though!

After 2 days, we found the perfect apartment for us. Its pretty straight forward for us actually, just saunter into the management office of apartments (found them online) that we deemed suitable for us and ask for available units for immediate move-ins.

Upsides of our new place!

1) 2 mins from Kris’s office

2) Nice gym and concierge

3) Wonderful view on the 51st floor overlooking the statue of liberty

4) Lots of light (Which is quite rare for most NYC apartments because they are always so close to one another that some building always blocks the light, also the higher you go, the higher the prices go. Its really expensive living in NYC)

5) Friendly and helpful peeps at the management office

6) Near basic amenities yet quiet after office hours. Even in rush hour, its nowhere near as crowded as Shenton way or Orchard road.


1) Tiny odd shaped bedroom + Tiny Hall

2) Really really expensive

But oh well, I guess you can’t have it all. I’m really excited to build our first nest together! Its really exciting! *jumps up and now ecstatically* I’m also very lucky to have such a capable fiancee! Coz it looks like the application for a work visa for me, isn’t going to be all that quick. Probably about a year or more. Anyhow, I’m sure I’ll find something useful to do. Like blogging about my experience in NYC.

Tomorrow is also Valentine’s Day. Happy Valentine’s Day everyone! We’re going to try out this 1-star Michelin restaurant, because I causally mentioned, hey I wonder what a Michelin star restaurant is like. And the best fiance of the year! decided that we’ll have dinner there!

Here are some pictures of the food and sights of NYC thus far, enjoy!


Bird at Pier 11


Robot looking extremely cute!


Me trying to look chic!


Me craving Chinese food


4 thoughts on “New York after 3 days

  1. Teresa

    cool babe! keep posting, words, pictures, videos, anything~

    happy Valentine’s day from Bunny (-> this is not John, this is my living velveteen rabbit who’s coming to your engagement party) and I!


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