Packing is such sweet sorrow. 

On one hand, I am elated to the max about starting my new life with Kristopher in NYC, but at the same time the physical act of packing my things makes me more emotional that I would like to be.

My first box that I packed consists of all the little cards and notes from all my friends, colleagues and students. I have decided that packing and reading is not a good combination. I need to be ‘ruthless’ and just dump everything into a box.

The solution above is not that simple however, because well a single box costs a lot to ship and if I weed out stuff. I save a lot on shipping. We’re also only going to be able to afford a tiny place so I can’t bring that much stuff along either.Which brings about another consideration. I intend to downsize all my stuff, my personal belief is that having less stuff brings about less clutter brings about greater mobility. However the new dilemma arrives, if I throw most stuff away and I need it later, won’t it be expensive to buy it again in the USA.Then another part of my brain goes, ‘cmon Charlene how much stuff do you actually use in your room. How much stuff do you actually need in your life?’. But the pragmatic side of me goes, ‘well you never know’. So basically the left hemisphere and the right hemisphere are in constant conflict, and because I am ruled 50/50 when it comes to making decisions, I effectively do this……







This is why, my friends, packing for me takes such an inordinate amount of time!





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